Employment Gap-Filling Ideas

Regardless of the reason, stepping away from the workforce is often a difficult call.  Throw in the ever-evolving job market, and making the decision to reenter, can be just as challenging.  In the event, you have been on an employment sabbatical and are currently challenged with how to update your executive resume and cover letter for an executive position into the most effective format to fill a gap in employment, review the list below for some useful ideas.

Depending on your unique situation, you may find that you can tailor one or more of the following suggestions to meet your needs.

Employment gap-filling possibilities:

Self-Development Initiatives: taking additional courses in your field, obtaining a certification, or earning an advanced degree are all valuable investments that keep your mind sharp and your skills fresh.

Volunteering: this is a great way to make an impact on the world around you, while also opening the door for new connections and opportunities with prospective employers.  When volunteering, in addition to helping others, try strategically selecting a volunteer project that aligns with your career focus.  Volunteering will expose you to up-to-date skills and competencies that will enhance your marketability while plugging a gap on your professional resume.

Internships: contemplating making a career change upon reentering the workforce?  Excepting an internship can provide you with firsthand insight into a new field, thus allowing you to make a more informed decision before taking the plunge into an entirely new role.

Consulting Gigs: perhaps you consulted with and provided your IT leadership expertise to a B2B account base while you were on an employment hiatus.  Update your executive resume to highlight your information technology experience with relevant keywords and job details that position you competitively within your field.

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