Easy Ways to Keep Your Executive Resume Current

With most recruiters using LinkedIn to source talent, it is imperative that as a career professional, you maintain a current executive resume as your next leadership opportunity can arise even if you are not in active job search mode.

Through social media, you can get a position referral, or a recruiter may reach out to you regarding an opening, whatever the case may be, it is best to be prepared. Keep reading for some useful tips on how to write a current executive resume.

Follow target companies on LinkedIn: 

In most industries businesses are always on a progressive quest to be more innovative regarding reshaping existing portfolios, rolling out new products, cutting costs, or tapping into efficient ways to align capabilities with customer needs. 

By following 2-3 target companies on LinkedIn, or engaging in professional forums, you can get early insight into the latest business trends, competitive challenges companies are facing, or in some cases, businesses have blogs that may offer information regarding the most in-demand leadership skills for your industry.

With this type of information readily available, through accessing your LinkedIn profile, you can receive important updates to help ensure your management qualifications are best represented on your executive resume.

Stay aware of what’s trending:

Change is constant. That said, regardless if you are preparing an IT Director resume or CEO level resume, staying on trend with technology advances, product innovations, or regulatory changes are great ways to ensure you are writing a good executive resume that shows you are a current, flexible, and adaptable leader.

Catch up on some blog reading:

With a blog, you can acquire a fresh perspective, get inspired, or perhaps become enlightened. Whether you are writing a resume as an early career professional or an executive resume for a senior leadership role, reading a regular blog or starting your own blog helps to keep your mind sharp and delivers insight that can prove valuable in knowing how to write a current executive resume.

If you need help with writing an executive resume, professional resume, or LinkedIn profile we can help. Contact our professional resume writers at info@resumesbyjoyce.com or toll-free1-888-607-7793.