Easy Ways to Increase The Number of Hits on Your Resume

Uploading your executive resume and responding to one announcement after another can become a mental and physical drain. Particularly when you are well qualified for the opportunities you are pursuing. A shift in your strategy might just do the trick to generate a more favorable outcome to help stand out among the competition. Besides you only have so many hours in the day to invest in your job search. Below are a few expert tips on executing an effective job search.

Tip#1 Engage With Recruiters:

By following a targeted group of recruiters who hire specifically for your industry, you have the potential to stay informed about great job prospects within your field, while also being connected with opportunities that may not have been publicly advertised.  Recruiters are often canvassing LinkedIn to fill open positions and to simply vet talent for anticipated future hiring needs.

Tip#2 Focus on Brand Alignment:

Having a consistent message, presence, and professional tone on your executive resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter for an executive position, and Bio is critical to your executive branding strategy. Notice I mention, a consistent message as opposed to identical content. Though you will want a similar theme in terms of value, skills, and competencies to resonate across all of your career marketing materials; your LinkedIn profile and executive resume should be similar yet include a slightly different writing strategy. For example, try writing your LinkedIn Profile with a more conversational tone and share some of your personality within your summary section to increase engagement among your profile viewers.

Tip#3 Strengthen Your Presentation:

Prior to forwarding your professional resume to a prospective employer, ask yourself is your resume in a modern format that is visually engaging, is your value proposition succinctly conveyed, can a recruiter extract key information from your executive resume at a quick glance,  and is the font size legible across diverse audiences. Incorporating a few of these helpful job search tips into your executive employment search strategy has the potential to increase your interview response rate and tilt the scale in your favor.

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