DIY Executive Resume Tips

Tapping into your creative juices to solve a problem then subsequently having it materialize into a ‎successful outcome can bring about a level of self-confidence and pride.  When it comes to knowing how to write your professional resume, I get it, who knows your job better than you, right?  

Rising above the competition with an attention-getting executive resume ranks up there with having a compelling LinkedIn Profile and professional online presence that gives prospective employers a general sense of who you are and what you can deliver. They are all must haves to compete and advance in your career in today’s employment market.‎ To help you get started, below, I have shared some insightful tips on how to write an interview winning executive resume, in the event you decide to take the DIY path. 

Identify Your Target Market:

‎It is great to cast a wide net, however determining who your top employer prospects are will enable you to facilitate a more focused resume writing strategy. By utilizing a site such as, you can get the inside scoop on the culture, compensation, and leadership philosophy of a potential employer.

Defining your target market does not mean that you are limiting your options.  Clarifying your market focus will only strengthen your executive writing strategy and guide you in clearly aligning your skills with a prospective employer’s expectations, competency requirements, product, and service value.

State Your Value Proposition:

Within a 7-10 cursory glance, a prospective employer should get a snapshot of you and your fit for a particular role. Your resume should clearly indicate why they should hire you, what problems you can solve, how you can save money, cut costs, grow margins and lead teams; to name a few.

Define Your Brand:

Ask yourself what makes you unique as a leader. Why are you routinely recruited for product launches or sought after to roll out new divisions? Flesh out your strongest professional qualifications and interpersonal strengths, then align them with 3-4 competencies that strongly reflect your brand. Use your LinkedIn summary to give recruiters a peek into your personality and to offer a more well-rounded view of your career journey.

Focus Your Content: 

Do a little spring cleaning. Declutter your resume by removing outdated technical skills, expired professional affiliations, and overly detailed highlights within each job on your resume. Keep your executive resume on target and focused on a writing strategy that is clear, compelling, succinct, and keyword optimized.

Regardless of whether your job search strategy entails networking, online job boards, or word of mouth; incorporate soft skills, leadership accolades, career highlights, rich storytelling, and keywords that allow for both successful scanning in applicant tracking systems and an engaging view by a human.

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