The Benefits of an Executive Networking Resume

You’re out at an industry event, and you get the scoop on a great senior leadership opportunity at one of your target prospective employers. In fact, not only do you get some great information regarding the position details, your professional contact also mentions that the company is hiring for an immediate placement. Do you share your executive resume or a networking resume with your contact?

In this scenario, the networking resume is probably the best choice due to its compelling and impactful branding strategy, streamlined layout, and laser-like focus on a targeted employer or role. Bearing in mind the concise and specific nature of a networking resume, you may find it beneficial to invest some time uncovering what your greatest assets and value are in regards to your career goals, thus enabling you to communicate more effectively with a prospective employer and demonstrate why you are a perfect fit for their culture and leadership team.

So, how do you write an executive networking resume? As opposed to providing an entire chronology of your career, networking resumes are generally one-page, powerfully written resumes that include your value proposition statement, a very concisely written branding statement, a presentation of 4-5 noteworthy career achievements, a condensed overview of your professional experience, and key credentials.

Think in terms of creating a marketing flyer.  You have to truly understand your audience, while making a very clear statement of the benefits and value of doing business with you. Same concept goes for a networking executive resume. Through research of your prospective employer’s products, services, competitors, and challenges, your networking resume should allow the reader to quickly scan and extract important leadership highlights. It should generate interest and motivate the human reviewer to action.

Networking executive resumes are generally designed for a very specific audience and are great for distributing at professional events.  Whether you are a gainfully employed CEO simply testing the market for potential new opportunities or actively seeking employment, a networking resume may serve as a great introductory document between you and a prospective employer.

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