Been Referred for Leadership Roles the Majority of Your Career…But Now Executing an Official Job Search?

Considering all the changes in the employment landscape from the way executive resumes are evaluated for fit, to navigating online systems, to building a professional network, executing a first time job search can be overwhelming and bring about the question of where oh where do you start.  One of the first action items I would suggest is determine your career focus. 

Whether you have been downsized or let go from your leadership role for some other reason, it is important that you have a clear sense of direction as opposed to executing an unfocused job search and simply pursuing random roles, hoping to pique the interest of a prospective employer. 

Knowing how to write a good executive resume for conducting an effective job search may involve a few of questions. Are you going to remain in the same line of work, or are you up for considering possibilities outside of your current leadership role or industry, or do you need better benefits?  

Though everyone’s situation is different in terms of having a sense of urgency around landing a new job, or one’s financial flexibility, or if you are lucky, you may have the freedom to embark on an employment sabbatical prior to getting back into the game.  Whatever the case maybe, writing a good CEO resume and having a targeted job search is more effective in today’s employment market.

Branding is another biggie.  Having a personal brand and presence on LinkedIn and utilizing the platform to showcase who you are and what you can deliver is an effective component of any job search for almost all career levels. Among the many benefits of LinkedIn; a few that stand out include the option to join groups, stay updated on industry trends, and engage with like-minded leaders to share and exchange information.

Building, sustaining, and growing your professional network throughout the life of your career is another vital aspect of your job search.  In previous blogs, I have mentioned how a 15-20 minute weekly  time investment on LinkedIn can benefit both an active and passive job search by putting you in front of key decision makers and recruiters seeking your leadership experience.

Essentially you will want to ensure your executive resume is written in a current format that reflects your personal brand and value, while also creating a strategy to get your professional resume into the hands of the hiring manager for best results.

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