Avoid Appearing Dated On Your Executive Resume With These Tips

Concerned with having an executive resume that makes you feel somewhat dated?  Great news, below I have provided some quick, practical tips to dust off your professional resume and give it a fresher look.

Use an Up-To-Date Font:

If you have been exiled in the land of Times New Roman, consider transitioning towards a more modern resume format by using a new font such as Calibri, Arial, Arial Narrow, or Tahoma. These are generally compatible across most systems.

Diversify Your Skills for Similar Roles:

As opposed to repeating the same skills for similar jobs you have held, think of how you can convey these skills in a different light.  For example, maybe you have moved laterally throughout your career. Though you were provided with a different leadership title, your position description remained the same. Take a broader view of the scope and impact of your leadership role. Then capitalize on opportunities to convey different competencies, achievements, and contributions for roles that were similar.

Toss Out the Objective Statement; Opt for a Qualifications Summary Instead:

Boost your appeal to prospective employers by writing a strong qualifications summary. This is a great way to almost immediately connect with a hiring professional within the first 7-10 seconds of them reviewing your executive resume.

Refresh Your Content:

Strengthen the focus, content, and storytelling aspect of your executive resume by updating it with current industry verbiage, quantifiable achievements, soft skills, and keywords that convey a more compelling picture of who you are and what you can deliver. For example, forgo using the phrase “responsible for” and go with more action-oriented words such as orchestrated, championed, or chaired.

Add Your LinkedIn URL:

With about 94% of recruiters using LinkedIn to search candidates, make it easy for them to locate you online by inserting your LinkedIn URL on the contact line of your executive resume. Be sure that you have written a good LinkedIn profile that reflects your brand, value, and passion with all sections completed and keyword optimized.

If you need help with writing an executive resume, professional resume, or LinkedIn profile we can help. Contact us at info@resumesbyjoyce.com or toll free 1-888-607-7793.