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Interview Ready Resumes

Interview Ready Resumes Writing  interview ready resumes can help boost your  confidence when interviewing for a job. From knowing how to write a current resume that translates your voice on paper, to aligning key areas in your resume with interview responses, to finding the time to invest in an effective job search strategy; there are many pieces to the puzzle to succeed in the job market. When deciding how to create an executive resume that generates interviews, be sure to clearly state how your most marketable value fits with the leadership role you are pursuing. Craft your resume for a [...]

Resume Formatting Tips

Resume Formatting Tips Structuring an executive resume and being equipped with effective resume formatting tips to achieve considerable traction among hiring professionals can be a little tricky at times. After all, objectively viewing one’s career can be perceived as a challenging activity. However, to compete among today’s pool of leadership candidates, effectively translating a strong message into a marketable career portfolio which may include a CEO resume, current cover letter, LinkedIn profile, or executive Bio is a necessity in the present employment landscape. Although your entire executive resume is important, particular emphasis should be given to the opening body of [...]

Personal Branding Tips

Personal Branding Tips  Need some personal branding tips? Executive resume writing strategies that include a strong personal brand and a clearly defined marketing message around your value can elevate your candidacy among the competition. Before writing a good CEO resume, Director level resume, or even a cover letter for an executive position, take inventory of the leadership traits, skills, career successes, or notable highlights that differentiate you in the market. Some great ways to facilitate this might consist of partnering with a career coach, completing a skills assessment, or simply investing time conducting a self-discovery leadership evaluation to narrow down [...]

Increase Your Resume Response

Increase Your Resume Response  You have applied to tons of positions online that you qualified for…yet no response. It’s almost as if the resume goes into a black hole.  Keep reading for ways to increase your resume response as below are some suggestions to help better align your efforts with the scanning system and increase your interview rate. Lack of Industry-Specific Keywords With the vast majority of resumes being processed through computer scanning technology, in order to pass the resume parsing systems and the 10-second human scan, your resume will need to be front-loaded with the right industry-specific keywords and [...]

LinkedIn Profile Tips

LinkedIn Profile Tips Though your executive resume is important, your LinkedIn profile holds equal weight, and in some cases, it may be more vital to your personal brand compared to your senior-level resume. Keep reading for some expert LinkedIn profile tips. Your executive resume is typically the catalyst for landing an interview; however, your LinkedIn profile represents your online brand—which is accessible to a much wider audience. Considering that LinkedIn now boasts a 400–million-member network, it would be very beneficial to include a powerful profile as part of your executive personal branding strategy. LinkedIn is often used by recruiters, potential [...]

Formatting Your Executive Resume

Formatting Your Executive Resume Formatting your executive resume is an important aspect of effectively communicating and presenting your unique mix of skills, qualifications, experience, training, and talent should be carefully factored into your resume writing strategy. While there is an abundance of resume formats, the three most common resume formats are Chronological, Functional, and Hybrid/Combination. Chronological resumes list your professional experience in chronological order, starting with the most recent job first.  This format is normally used if you have consistent employment with no significant gaps between jobs. It is also suitable for demonstrating career growth providing you have made steady [...]

Resume Tips: No Degree

Resume Tips: No Degree Resume Tips: No Degree? Although a degree can unquestionably enhance your attractiveness to a prospective employer and upgrade your official resume, there are some other writing strategies you can employ to convey your value in powerful ways in the event you do not have a formal degree. Have you opened doors in international markets, established a foreign subsidiary, or joined a startup as a ground-floor senior leader who has left a significant thumbprint on an organization’s business development strategy? Think about it, your ability to craft your story in a way that demonstrates your rigor and [...]

Ways to Manage Your Personal Brand

Ways to Manage Your Personal Brand Taking the lead role in your self-development can strengthen the marketability of your executive resume, yield many positive benefits for your professional career, and enhance your overall inward growth as a leader. With the evolution of your leadership career, consider embracing an entrepreneurship perspective in managing the trajectory to achieve a more well-rounded, ongoing form of development that broadens your strategic impact, market intelligence, and value as a leader. As the owner of your leadership career, staying competitive and investing in ongoing self-development should be at the forefront of your career-management strategy.  Take advantage [...]

How a Focused Executive Resume Can Improve Your Job Search

How a Focused Executive Resume Can Improve Your Job Search Targeting your executive resume can go a long way in shortening your job search and, quite frankly, help you land a senior leadership role much faster than an unfocused and cluttered executive resume. You can gain more traction with recruiters and hiring professionals by investing some time into writing a good executive resume that aligns your most relevant leadership strengths and value with the prospective employer’s required qualifications. Keep reading for some additional insight on the benefits of a targeted executive resume. Improve Your Connection with Recruiters Presenting a concisely [...]

3 Effective Job Search Tips

3 Effective Job Search Tips Now that you have done a great job in navigating all the nuances of how to create the most current professional resume format. You are ready to get the ball rolling with your job search.  Approaching your job search from a multi-tiered perspective is a wise decision. With so many prospective employers using social media, artificial intelligence (AI) platforms, and word of mouth referrals to attract the best talent, you need write a good professional resume and expand your reach to achieve optimal results. Though there are endless ways to execute your job search, below I [...]

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