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Making Your Transferable Skills Pop on Your Professional Resume

Making Your Transferable Skills Pop on Your Professional Resume Taking your professional resume or executive resume to the next level can sometimes include weaving in the most relevant transferable skills to help strengthen your brand message and connection with a prospective employer. Transferable skills are those skills that may reflect your talent in various areas such as building effective relationships, handling information or data, leading geographically dispersed teams or working with software, machines, and computers. For example, if you are deciding on a strategy for how to write a Billing Specialist career change resume to facilitate a transition to a Training or [...]

Why You Should Target Your Executive Resume

Why You Should Target Your Executive Resume Targeting your executive resume can go a long way in shortening your job search and, quite frankly, help you land a senior leadership role much faster than an unfocused and cluttered executive resume. You can gain more traction with recruiters and hiring professionals by investing some time into writing a good executive resume that aligns your most relevant leadership strengths and value with the prospective employer’s required qualifications. Keep reading for some additional insight on the benefits of a targeted executive resume. Improve Your Connection with Recruiters Presenting a concisely written executive resume [...]

Tips for Career Changers

Tips for Career Changers Interestingly enough, making a career change can be a somewhat seamless process, just as long as you have a well thought out strategy, a few of the right tools, and a good executive resume. Avoid overwhelming yourself by breaking the process down into manageable steps that are easy for you to execute. You can accomplish this by creating a mini to-do list to help keep you on track with specific career change goals, milestones, and dates and times for completion. Keep reading for some additional ways to embrace your career change with excitement. Partner with a [...]

Practical Tips to Get the Most Out of Career Fairs

Practical Tips to Get the Most Out of Career Fairs Career Fairs provide excellent opportunities for job seekers to connect with prospective employers. Maximizing your time and effort at a career fair can be accomplished with a few helpful reminders: Review the companies participating in the career fair and create a list of those you wish to target. If possible, invest in some pre-planning and review the company culture, leadership, product offerings, and/or services by using Google, glassdoor.com, or indeed.com. Fine-tune/tailor your resume to reflect how your transferable and core skills align with the employer’s requirements. Details matter; take pride in [...]

Ways to Ensure Your Executive Resume Has a Modern Touch

Ways to Ensure Your Executive Resume Has a Modern Touch For a solid month in your spare time, you have rewritten the qualifications summary of your executive resume… at least three times. You’ve deleted and replaced several bullets within some of your roles, or perhaps you have scratched all of your resume-writing efforts to once again start from the beginning. In the end, you feel as if your senior leadership resume is becoming extremely long and lacks impact.  Sometimes you may need an objective set of eyes to review your professional resume and shed light on how to write a [...]

How to Get Your Cover Letter Noticed

How to Get Your Cover Letter Noticed Cover letters are the perfect complement to your executive resume while providing an additional outlet for marketing your transferable skills, competencies, awards, or special mentions not included in your resume.  Cover letters are also a great way to display your effective written communication skills to your prospective employer. When writing a good executive or professional cover letter,  take an inventory of your top achievements so that you can determine what you want to include in your executive resume versus your executive cover letter.  Keep the letter focused, clear, and if possible, separated into [...]

LinkedIn Profile Reminders

LinkedIn Profile Reminders Times have changed significantly in terms of how to write a modern executive resume to land that coveted senior leadership role and how prospective employers execute talent acquisition and placement strategies. From social media playing a major role in connecting recruiters with qualified candidates to digital branding being an essential component of a candidate’s career management strategy, the employment landscape has undergone quite an evolution. Tapping into LinkedIn for 15-20 minutes a week can go a long way in strengthening your professional brand as a senior leader. Below are a few effective tips for managing your LinkedIn [...]

3 Effective Job Search Tips

3 Effective Job Search Tips Now that you have done a great job in navigating all the nuances of how to create the most current professional resume format. You are ready to get the ball rolling with your job search. Approaching your job search from a multi-tiered perspective is a wise decision. With so many prospective employers using social media, online platforms, and word of mouth referrals to attract the best talent, you need to write a good professional resume and expand your reach to achieve optimal results. Though there are endless ways to execute your job search, below I [...]

Ways to Strengthen Your Executive Resume Without A Degree

Ways to Strengthen Your Executive Resume Without A Degree Though a degree or certification can certainly breathe new life into your marketability and enhance your executive resume, there are some other writing strategies you can employ to convey your value in powerful ways in the event you do not have a formal degree. Have you opened doors in international markets, established a foreign subsidiary, or joined a startup as a ground-floor senior leader who has left a significant thumbprint on an organization’s business development strategy? Think about it, your ability to craft your story in a way that demonstrates your [...]

How to Get My Resume Noticed!

How to Get My Resume Noticed! I know I’m qualified for the jobs I am applying to … however, I’m not getting a single hit on my professional resume. Ever applied to dozens of jobs that you KNOW you’re qualified for, but have received little to no response from your target companies? If this sounds like you, I’d like to offer a few practical tips that you can plug and play to hopefully gain some immediate traction on your CEO resume, IT Director resume, PMO Director resume, professional or mid-career level resume. Keyword-Optimized Headline — With less than 10 seconds to [...]

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