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Executive Resume Writing Tips

Executive Resume Writing Tips In this blog you will find some expert executive resume writing tips to help you market your leadership value online, on paper, and in-person is critical in today's competitive employment market. With applicant tracking systems evolving to accept a wider variety of document formats, not only can you have a compelling writing strategy in your executive resume, but you can also add some visual pop to enhance the readability factor of your CEO resume, IT Director resume, or resume for an Operations Manager position.  Long-gone are the days when you presented prospective employers with a [...]

Technology Resume Advice

Technology Resume Advice In this article, we provide some expert technology resume advice regarding refreshing your IT executive resume and aligning it with current recruiting trends can position you as a modern and forward-looking leader. When writing a good IT Director resume, view your career through a wide lens regarding showcasing your leadership talents; however, exercise caution in keeping your resume concise and focused. Keep reading for two quick and easy ways to increase the traction of your executive resume. Tell Your Story As an IT Director, you play an essential role in keeping businesses informed and connected to internal [...]

Ways to Update A Resume

 Ways to Update A Resume Change is good. Despite the may ways to update a resume, keeping your professional resume refreshed and polish-up in today’s fast-paced business world is a must. Regardless if you are not actively pursuing a new opportunity, a recruiter can easily discover you through social networking sites and reach out to you to pitch an exciting career move. Is your resume on point and ready to submit? If you find yourself in a crunch for time in giving your professional resume a much-needed makeover due to a corporate downsizing, an unexpected relocation, or perhaps a recruiter [...]

Executive Resume Writing Tips

Executive Resume Writing Tips Inch by inch, anything's a cinch. We have all heard this adage before, which relates very well to executive resume writing tips. With your professional resume having various intersecting pieces that need to be crafted and tied into an overall personal brand, try approaching the writing process by section instead of attempting to create the entire document in one sitting.  When developing your resume writing strategy, brainstorm each leadership position you plan on including in your resume by using the CAR method. The CAR technique stands for challenge, action, and result. This method will give you [...]

Executive Resume Branding

Executive Resume Branding Executive resumes have been in a constant state of change over the years. This can be attributed to the evolution of business, technology, and human capital expectations with have heavily influenced executive resume branding. Being progressive and growth-oriented coupled with effective oversight of strategic operating and financial levers have a direct impact on an organization's competitive positioning. Operating with a growth-focused perspective is a valuable trait to adopt regardless if you own a business or you are an executive playing a pivotal role in running a corporation. That said, the need to keep your leadership skills fresh and [...]

Writing Resume Achievements

Writing Resume Achievements Value is one of the many words that come to mind when writing resume achievements that stand out in a sea of candidates. As you write your resume, you will need clarity regarding your career direction and personal brand, clarity of the value added throughout your leadership career, clarity regarding your market etc.  However, how do you concisely articulate 20+ years of your story to convey the most relevant, compelling, and attention-getting highlights? After all, being highly regarded at your company is often associated with leading capital projects, spearheading turnarounds and restructurings, rebuilding underperforming teams, or heading [...]

Writing a Current Resume

Writing a Current Resume Feeling as if your executive resume is too long, outdated, or perhaps you need help writing a current resume to reflect the "real you" more closely? As we pivot throughout different roles in our careers, we tap into a salad bowl of skills to lead, inspire, and drive desired results. Regardless if you have found yourself in several different roles recently or whether you are very tenured in your current leadership position, the need to keep your professional resume clean, uncluttered, and modern remains the same. When refreshing your resume be sure to factor in quality [...]

Executive Resumes That Pop

Executives Resumes That Pop Executive resumes that pop can be created by keeping up with resume writing trends and ensuring your resume is updated according to a schedule which will ease some of the stress and apprehension around managing such an important document. Need help with updating your professional resume? Continue reading for some great tips on how to get your resume noticed by recruiters.   From personal branding to integrating social media strategies into your career management plan to building your professional network, it’s a juggling act. Then you throw in the need to write a current executive resume that [...]

Writing Resume Achievements

Writing Resume Achievements When it comes to writing resume achievements to add value to your executive resume, take a macro view of your career, and highlight career successes that convey a holistic view of your leadership skills. Measurable contributions, awards, projects, and self-development initiatives are just a few of the many creative ways to add impact to your professional resume.   In the event you have an extensive history of career success, no worries there; bear in mind that you have several options for showcasing your personal brand and leadership qualifications. In addition to your executive resume, Linkedin, an online WebFolio, [...]

Updating Your Executive Resume

Updating Your Executive Resume  Most of us will agree that updating your executive resume is something we often dred. Knowing how to competitively position your value within your executive resume can yield a huge ROI in today's job market. Considering it can be somewhat of a challenge to stay up to date on personal branding trends, changes in employer expectations, and the most in-demand leadership skills within your industry, below I have shared three impactful updates to help with writing your executive resume. Add a LinkedIn Skill Badge to Your Executive Resume: The LinkedIn Skill Assessment is a great feature [...]

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