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Job Search Trends For 2022

Regarding job search trends for 2022, knowing how to write an interview-winning executive resume is undoubtedly valuable in today’s job market. Equally important is tapping into other creative outlets to market your leadership talent. Applicant tracking systems are a great option to incorporate into your job search. However, don't settle for a one size fits all approach. You want to diversify your job search to maximize your time and efforts. Through blogs, personally branded websites, and LinkedIn, you can highlight your personality, special interests, or hobbies. LinkedIn in particular, offer an abundance of space a specialty categories that extend beyond [...]

Help With Using LinkedIn

Help With Using LinkedIn LinkedIn enhances your job search regardless if you are an active or passive job seeker. From student to professional, mid-career, or senior-leader level, LinkedIn has something to offer for every career professional. LinkedIn is just as important as your executive resume in your pursuit of new leadership opportunities or career advancement. Investing 15-30 minutes each week on LinkedIn can enhance your credibility, job prospects,  and create visibility which will  help with using LinkedIn. With 94% of recruiters using LinkedIn to search candidates, you can connect with recruiters who hire for your specialty area, industry, target companies, [...]

Executive Resume Writing Tips

Executive Resume Writing Tips Need  some expert executive resume writing tips? Give your executive resume that extra pop it needs by using the (CAR) Challenge, Action, and Results method to refresh your summary, create attention-getting bullets within the professional experience section of your resume, or perhaps use it to give your cover letter for an executive position a mini facelift.  When using the (CAR) approach, take a moment to jot down your top three accomplishments in a particular senior-level position. Then ask yourself, what was going on in the environment at the time? Was there a merger … were you [...]

Ways to Impress Hiring Managers

Ways to Impress Hiring Managers With so much competition in the job market, following up after the interview—with a thank-you letter, card, or strategic letter—is a great way to strengthen the interviewer’s perception of you as a good fit for the position. Ways to impress hiring managers may include writing a strategic letter, which is slightly more in-depth compared to a thank-you letter or card. The strategic letter provides an opportunity to share additional skills, strengths, or possibly a mutual interest that may have been discussed between you and the interviewer—to possibly tip the scale in your favor.  As a [...]

Interview Trends For Executives

Interview Trends For Executives Recruitment strategies are changing. Interview trends for executives have and continue to evolve. So, let’s see … we have Skype teleconferencing and video interviews, one-on-one meetings, panel interviews, lunch meetings, situational interviews, and behavior-based interviews to name a few. Below we have provided an overview of some common interview types with a few tips on how to approach them. Recruitment Chatbots: As (AI) artificial intelligence continues to pick up steam in the hiring process, job seekers will notice an increase in chatbot engagement during preliminary screening phases, information gathering, skills, and knowledge testing. With the evolution [...]

Selecting Resume Formats

Selecting Resume Formats Are you contemplating a career pivot, thinking of changing employers, or considering transitioning into a step-down role? Selecting resume formats is important  regardless of what stage you are at in your career, as careful consideration should be given to which format you select when writing your executive resume. Depending on your industry selecting resume formats can vary. Some can include graphic design elements, a traditional tone, or a creative approach to name a few. That said,  the three most effective and current selection of resume formats are: Chronological, Functional, and Hybrid /Combination. Chronological resumes list your professional [...]

Executive Resume Tips

Executive Resume Tips Keeping up with employment trends, tailoring your executive resume, adjusting your job search campaign, and interview strategies can be somewhat challenging at times which is why it's great to have some expert executive resume tips on hand.  However speaking of resumes in particular, as a professional resume writing service, we see hundreds of do-it-yourself resume templates. To tell you the truth, some are pretty good—even if they usually fall short on focus, value offered, and personal branding strategies. The question is, will an executive resume template work when applying for a CIO, CEO, COO, or CFO-level position—or [...]

Resume Makeover Tips

Resume Makeover Tips in this article, we have provided some valuable resume makeover tips. Have you applied to dozens of jobs that you KNOW you’re qualified for, but have received little to no response from your target companies? If this sounds like you, I’d like to offer a few resume makeover tips that you can plug and play to hopefully gain some immediate traction on your CEO resume, IT Director resume, PMO Director resume, professional or mid-career level resume. Keyword Optimize Your Headline — With less than 10 seconds to engage the reader, your professional resume should include a compelling, attention-getting [...]

Resume Summary Example

Resume Summary Example Resume  summary examples can be confusing at times because nearly everyone has a different opinion on what to showcase versus what gets cut or how long it should be and the list goes on. Below is a resume summary example on how ro write an executive resume that stands out from the competition and effectively communicates your value through relevant keywords, human touch elements, and a personal branding can certainly increase the probability of an interview. As you will notice in the resume summary example provided, the resume should be front-loaded with relevant accomplishments and strengths [...]

How to Reinvent Yourself

Here's How to Reinvent Yourself | Barbara Corcoran | LinkedIn https://t.co/iDbLruBJy9   The start of the New Year is a great time for a fresh start. But change is tough. Below you will find a great article on how to reinvent yourself. When I sold my real estate business, which I had built for 30 years, I was unprepared for the personal challenges I’d need to overcome. Reinventing myself in a new career was so much harder than I expected. If you’ve been dreaming about totally changing your career, here are a few things that will help you along [...]

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