Advice on Re-Branding for a Career Change

You have spent the past decade living, breathing, and being completely enthralled in the life of a, let’s say, IT project manager, and you are great at it. It has been your bread and butter, but now you wish to pursue that one career you have always dreamed about. It is time to update your professional resume to pursue that holy grail career you went to school for. It is time for a change.

 You have been contemplating a career change for years now. Your passion, interests and personal needs have changed, and you are now seeking a leadership role that flows with your life’s current rhythm. Finally, life has slowed down somewhat, and you have sat down to put pen to paper and begin mapping out your transferable competencies and leadership experiences you will convey in your professional resume and cover letter.

To truly understand how to write a good professional resume and cover letter for a project management career transition, you will need to invest some time into researching your targeted industry, possibly networking within your professional community, and exploring industry-specific keyword language and the most up-to-date competencies required of leaders within the field, to name a few. 

The point of all this is to engulf yourself into your new career. Learn and understand the lingo, the thought process, and the overall brand of your new and exciting change. I am definitely not saying that you should neglect your bread and butter, but you have lived and breathed IT project management for so long it oozes out of every pore. If you want people to view you in a different light, you must first see yourself differently.

With a career change also comes the need to re-brand your professional image on your professional resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and bio. Today, the most effective professional resume formats are clear, concise, and focused.

Therefore, as opposed to an all or nothing approach to creating a job-winning resume, target your career-change resume to reflect the type of leadership presence and qualifications your prospective employer is seeking by focusing on skill relevancy. Share your career highlights through major successes, targeted keywords, and action-oriented verbs to convey position fit.

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