5 Tips to Optimize Your Executive or Professional Resume

Differentiating your high-value approaches, interpersonal skills, and relevant leadership successes in an easy-to-read and concise executive-resume layout will make you stand out among the competition. Interestingly, only a very small pool of COO-level candidates present  their value in a manner that clearly conveys their capabilities—despite being qualified for the job.

When competing against other Chief Operating Officers with similar backgrounds, there is an art and science to “telling your story” in a manner that elevates you to a position as a top C-suite contender. Keep reading for a few expert tips on positioning your senior-level resume for maximum benefit.

Tip #1: Include Personal Branding Strategies

What makes you unique? Take inventory of your top career milestones, soft skills, or most-defining  career moments and determine where the common denominators are. Use this as a guide to narrow down the list of those things that specifically make up your brand.

Your personal brand should be integrated into your CEO resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, Bio, and/or web portfolio.  A clearly defined executive brand makes it easier for recruiters to search you on LinkedIn. You are also more accessible to prospective employers, potential clients, vendors, and/or your professional community.

For starters, add a headline / title and tagline to your executive resume to convey your brand right up front: Below is a headline example for a Manufacturing Executive:

                                                                    Vice President of Manufacturing

Manufacturing Operational Strategies │ Value Stream Mapping │ Multifunctional Leadership

Tip #2: Focus on Your Job Target

Once you have identified your target jobs and / or companies, align your skills and experiences with the position by preparing a list of your top strengths or key competencies. Narrow this list down to the most relevant, compelling capabilities that sync with the employer’s challenges and /or position requirements.

Tip #3: Highlight Quantifiable Successes

Use compelling action verbs, keywords, and phrases that demonstrate your strong interpersonal skills and ability to lead and influence people at all levels. If you have introduced a new division and exceeded revenue projections by 15%, be sure to state that.

Tip #4: Showcase Employee Engagement Skills

Add some context to your Chief Operating Officer resume by communicating any challenges you may have overcome in situational statements that speak to outcomes balanced against your soft skills. 

Have you led and inspired teams to achieve common goals or expertly managed P&L?  Or perhaps you have spearheaded a big-picture game plan associated with a M&A / merger and acquisition, or started a LinkedIn group that has amassed thousands of followers. State clearly how you are able to execute strategies, deliver on operating goals, and effectively cascade the vision so that all employees understand how they play a role in the future direction of the company.

Tip #5: Select Modern Font Choices

Add visual impact to your COO executive resume with compelling content, rooted in high-impact design  and easy-to-read, common fonts such as Cambria, Georgia, Calibri, and Arial that translate well across multiple computers and audiences.

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