3 Ways to Make it Easy for Recruiters to Contact You

The contact section of your executive resume is an essential aspect of your career marketing documents; however, it can sometimes receive the least amount of attention regarding its presentation. Keep reading for some suggestions on how to streamline the process of providing your contact information.

Place your email address within the summary of your LinkedIn profile:

Knowing that online safety and privacy is important, depending on your comfort level,  you can add your email address by inserting it at the top or bottom of your LinkedIn summary. If you have an email address that you use specifically for career searching, add this as the email contact within your profile. Just be sure to check it periodically.

Streamline the contact section on your executive resume:

In cases where it is feasible, provide the single best contact number to make it easy to reach you. This can also help declutter your executive resume and keep the contact section very clean and organized.

Regarding your preferred telephone number, remember to record a professional greeting on your voicemail that conveys a good impression of you as a candidate.

Add Your LinkedIn URL to your resume:

By adding your LinkedIn URL as an additional form of contact on your executive resume,  not only are you conveying that you are current with the latest technology, you are also providing recruiters with an additional option to connect with you for a potential opportunity. Also, perhaps you have a very common name, by inserting your URL directly within your resume, you remove the guesswork for the recruiter.

With social media playing a significant role in the recruitment process, the key here is to remember that your resume is no longer a primary means of contacting you in today’s job market. These are a few tips to help with your resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter for an executive position, or Web Portfolio to ensure a strategic approach to sharing your contact information.

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