3 Time-Saving Job Search Tips for Executives and Professionals

With only so many hours in the day, we can all benefit from creative yet effective ways to maximize our time, right?  When actively in job search mode, keeping your executive resume updated, researching the market, and canvassing online job boards for prospective employers and leadership roles that are a great fit—not to mention going on interviews—can be exhausting and viewed as a full time job. 

Thanks to progressive advancements in technology and changes in the talent acquisition process, you can cut some time off your job search for senior leadership roles and reap some positive benefits from a reduced yet strategic investment of your time.

Though you will still need to write a good executive resume and cover letter for an executive position and adjust it appropriately to ensure that you are utilizing the most effective resume format for different roles, you can recoup some of your time overall by taking advantage of the tips below regarding effective job search strategies. 

#1 Get a Recommendation:

Tap into your professional community and get a referral.  After all, that is why you built and continue to expand your network of professionals on LinkedIn. A recommendation from an existing employee can go a long way in increasing your candidacy while also saving you time in your job search activities, particularly if the individual recommending you is a high-potential, fast-track employee within their organization.

Most employers prefer hiring someone who has come by way of a referral.  Keep your executive resume updated in a current resume format throughout your career so that when an opportunity presents itself, you can forward it to a prospective employer without delay.

#2 Use Twitter:

Twitter is great for a quick search of targeted jobs. For example, if you are a Project Manager, you can access your Twitter profile and use the search field in the upper right-hand corner of the page to enter #Projectmanager Dallas, TX.

In the event employers have available openings in your specific area, a list of the vacancies will appear. You can then scroll down the feed and click to view and read the posting and determine your level of interest.

#3 Leverage LinkedIn:

By now you should know that I am a big fan of using LinkedIn to join industry groups, follow targeted companies, and connect with recruiters who hire within your industry. Often times, recruiters will announce their talent needs on their LinkedIn page and provide their contact information for you to submit your professional resume.

In the event you are following targeted recruiters, you will receive their job vacancies directly on your feed as they become available. Regain your peace of mind and save time by getting job announcements displayed on your feed.

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