3 Reasons Why Executives and Professionals Should be Actively Using LinkedIn

If I were asked which top job-search strategies I would recommend to a senior leader, I would advise that in addition to keeping your executive resume updated, having an active presence on LinkedIn would certainly rank among my top three. LinkedIn is a boost for your CEO resume and personal branding strategy.

For one thing, it offers a sea of prospective employment opportunities; secondly, it delivers some of the most up-to-date and informative industry-specific news articles directly to you—thus empowering you with trends, patterns, and insights into CEO leadership challenges and expectations.

Though the benefits of LinkedIn are far and wide reaching, below I will share a few that immediately come to mind whether you are an active or passive job seeker.

Increase Your Employment Opportunities:

We can all benefit from some time-saving tips. After all, when you are unemployed, it’s almost a full-time job searching for your next leadership gig, and it’s important to tailor your executive resume to ensure it is in the most effective resume format for applying to coveted leadership opportunities. LinkedIn can help you cut back on some of that time.

In the event you are an active job seeker, it is worth your time to invest some energy in understanding how to write a killer LinkedIn profile that concisely conveys your personal brand; this increased visibility on LinkedIn will enhance your searchability factor and allow recruiters to find you—while you devote your precious time to other high-return job-search activities.

Building a Sense of Community:

Community engagement is what LinkedIn is all about, right? By taking advantage of industry-specific groups, you have an opportunity to stay motivated and keep your head in the game by connecting with like-minded professionals. Who knows? You may even get some tips that help you keep your interviewing skills sharp as well. So when that dream job comes along, you are thoroughly prepared!

Pay it Forward:

As senior leaders, LinkedIn’s endorsement and/or recommendation feature is an excellent venue to give back and perform random acts of kindness. It is a great feeling when you can recognize a colleague or direct report for putting in extra time and effort on a project or taking the initiative to assume a stretch assignment to complete additional tasks that enabled a successful product launch.

If you are not already on LinkedIn, join today; you will be glad you took the leap to progressively move your career forward.

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