3 Reasons to Subscribe to an Executive Blog…or Create Your Own

Following an executive blog or creating your own senior leadership blog can be a game changer for you and your executive resume. Through new ways of thinking, you can strengthen your leadership value and team effectiveness while also bringing insightful topics and greater market awareness to your organization to enhance decision-making.

Writing a leadership blog or following blogs that you find informative will force you out of your comfort zone, and you will naturally experience inward growth as a senior leader and stimulate your mind through exposure to fresh, interesting, and inspiring content. 

The cold hard truth is that the majority of your day as a CEO can be consumed with executive steering committee meetings, leading your teams, and rolling out new capital initiatives—to the extent that you can unintentionally lose sight of the need to remain connected with trends and changes outside of your internal corporate space. Taking advantage of a regular blog can change that.

Three benefits of blogs include:

Fuel Innovative Ideas

 Industry-specific blogs offer a treasure trove of new, current, and valuable information that saves you time and makes it easy for you to stay informed and be a key contributor in leadership meetings. Moreover, professional development blogs can keep you in the game as well, particularly in regards to updating your CEO resume with the most current format and ensuring that your LinkedIn profile aligns with your executive resume or cover letter for an executive position.

Build Your Leadership Credibility

 Leadership blogs empower you with knowledge to be a more effective executive. The insight you glean from reading a blog or writing your own blog can facilitate knowledge transfer to your direct and indirect reports, helping them achieve specific financial and operational targets. 

For example, if you are an IT Director collaborating on the rollout of next generation products, who knows that subscribing to and reading CIO Insight might give you that breakthrough inspiration you need to ensure successful business requirements gathering, enterprise alignment, competitive positioning, testing, and implementation.

Enhance Personal Growth

We can all appreciate the power of reading. Taking time to read and reflect opens your mind to creative ideas, new strategies, and fresh ways to enhance processes or solve problems, which can result in measurable savings to your company.

Challenge yourself to read an executive blog at regular intervals that you find aligns with your values, career goals, and leadership philosophy, and you will quickly realize the ROI on a personal and professional level.

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