3 Executive Resume Reminders

In this articel, I am providing 3 executive resume reminders to help keep your professional resume refreshed with valuable career marketing content.  

1: Always keep your executive resume updated. Scheduled updates are less expensive long-term and less time consuming for you compared to making an update to your professional resume every 5 to10 years or when a career crisis arises.

With your executive resume being one of the most important documents you will present in your lifetime, make it a priority to maintain it; therefore, you can be sure it reflects the most effective resume format when you need it for an unexpected career opportunity.

2: Be brave about quantifying your accomplishments. Strike a balance between conveying your soft skills and demonstrating measurable impact you have provided to your organization.

For example, when considering how to write an IT Director resume, ask yourself how your leadership contributions have benefited the business regarding P&L savings, efficiency gains, or guiding on-shore/off-shore teams.

Also, what soft skills do you bring to the table? Are you good at vision setting or do you have an eye for recruiting the right technical talent, if so convey this in the results you have achieved.

3: Close the deal by writing a professional resume and executive cover letter that is human reviewer focused to “up the stakes” on creating a job winning career documents.

Ask a trusted colleague or friend to serve as your second set of eyes or contact a professional resume service online for some objective feedback.

In the event you engage a trusted colleague for input, point them in the right direction by specifically asking if your executive resume is clear, focused, and easy to read in terms of telling a compelling story within each leadership role, does it have good information flow, and visual engagement.

Putting in place a few practical tips will position you with a modern resume. After all, time is of the essence when a recruiter requests your CEO resume after viewing your killer LinkedIn profile.

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