3 Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Executive Brand

Balancing career and life can be quite a juggling act at times. Keeping your executive resume and personal brand up to date is a must in today’s marketplace. With the fast-paced business world we live in, it is imperative that you find creative, time-maximizing ways to stay on top of senior leadership trends and changes within your industry.

Below I share thoughts on three quick and easy ways to cultivate your brand, stay relevant in your industry, and keep your head in the game—all at the same time.

Tip #1: Utilize LinkedIn:

You should know by now that I emphatically recommend investing 15-20 minutes each week on LinkedIn—connecting and engaging with your followers, taking advantage of opportunities to expand your CEO-level network, and then nurturing those relationships. With LinkedIn being the key business networking platform, maintaining your professional visibility will help to keep you relevant and current on market changes, leadership trends, new skill requirements in your industry/sector, and competitive offerings.

LinkedIn should be an integral component of your executive career management strategy, whether you are in job search mode or simply want to remain connected with your professional community.

Tip#2: Write a Blog:

 Position yourself as an industry leader by creating and maintaining a regular blog. Let’s say a unique opportunity presents itself that aligns with your leadership passions, philosophy, and values.  A blog is an excellent venue for strengthening your industry expertise as well as the depth and breadth of your knowledge, and can help influence a prospective employer’s perception of you—possibly giving you that extra edge to round out your candidacy and fit for a position.

Tip#3: Update Your Resume:

Keeping your CEO resume updated—with your new leadership skills, board memberships, along with any large-scale process improvements you have delivered on—can prove to be a smart move when an unexpected opportunity is presented. Giving your senior-level resume a fresh look—or simply partnering with your online resume writing service to ensure your executive resume is aligned with current resume formats—is a must for maintaining your professional brand in today’s marketplace.

If you need help deciding what is the most effective resume format or if you need a cover letter for an IT Director role, Business Development Executive, senior leadership, or other professional /mid-career position contact our online resume services at www.resumesbyjoyce.com or 1-888-607-7793.